Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Parque Warner, Part II

Okay, remember I said you can go to Parque Warner twice in a row for the price of one day? Even if a park is as small as this one is, you don't question or reject a deal like that. You just don't.

Our faces after riding Batman: La Fuga. Look at my face. I look ridiculous. And I have no idea that my little stunt with the roller coaster will cost me a headache. No. idea.

I could feel it coming on, though, so I decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. We rode the hanging chairs (swinging chairs? I have no idea what this thing is called).


My dad juggled stuff.

We saw a stunt show.

And took a Tweety bird ride.

And I basically hung around with my brother and his friends while they got on stuff and I waited because my cursed headache was like, "Aha! You think you're going to have fun and get on roller coasters?! Think again!" And that was that.

Why is this so precious? I don't get it.

It wasn't even evening by the time we left because, as I said, the park just isn't big enough to keep you around for that long. Another thing is, it doesn't get that full, so whereas I'm used to having to wait upwards of an hour to get on a roller coaster or a popular ride, here you mostly just walk through the line and have your pick of seats. So much so that half the restaurants in the park are closed. Some didn't even open at all. Bizarre.

This park is gorgeous, and I did like the atmosphere a lot, I just think that probably the best part is what I can't get on - thrill rides. (Just to clarify, I can't get on them because I will most certainly and almost immediately get a headache) I mean, most of the roller coasters hold (or held at some point) some type of world/European record for height or speed or whathaveyou. But, I liked the bumper cars. And the Scooby Doo ride. Yes, I'm a child, so what?

And, because my mother asked me to add more pictures of the park at night...

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