Monday, September 24, 2012


I know Jessica's in the middle of her Kimber visit posts, but guys. guys. guys. GUYS!! WE HAVE KITTENS!

Kevin is way more excited about this than he lets on, I promise. I mean, he's the cat person here, not me.
So here's the story: Yesterday, my roommate went to get her dogs groomed & apparently, the groomer had these little babies in the window! They're 8 week old brothers who somehow ended up at a kill shelter, and whose two other siblings weren't as lucky as them. BUT! These two handsome fellows are safe with us for now. They're healthy, still have their claws, are the sweetest little things, and are sooooo soft. Oh gosh, you wouldn't even believe how soft they are.

Unfortunately, I'm really allergic to them, so I just sit on the couch and watch them run around playing with each other. I'll reach down and pet one of them a bit, and then go directly to wash my hands. And my nose is still super sniffly. Great. I just want to play with these little fluff balls so badly! Sometimes I risk the allergies anyway though.

Right now, Kevin's named them Koala, and Not-Koala. He's so eloquent for having a Lit degree. It's fine though, since they're just temporary names until we find forever homes for them. Koala loves to climb things, and is really rambunctious. He has a white stripe on his back, a little black nose, and pink & black paw pads.

Not-Koala is really chill, and just kind of sits around meditating, philosophizing, and judging Koala. He also has softer fur, as if that were possible, and is my favorite out of the two. You know, because I like those mature types.

Kevin built them a little scratch pad out of a box we had lying around. They haven't quite figured out the scratch pad yet, but love playing with the ripped up box. Go figure. I also made them a little toy out of feathers tied to a piece of yarn, which they totally dig.

So yeah... cats on the internet. Yup.

Cats reading webcomics about cats. Catception. 
Also, in case you didn't get the full scope of how absolutely TINY these guys are, here's some more evidence. Not-Koala is just slightly bigger than a children's sized drinking glass. I can't deal with this.

As a note: we're fostering these little fellas until we find a good home for them. They're free to anyone in the NYC area who really really really loves cats and will take the best care for them. As I stated previously, they still have their claws, and whoever adopts them better keep it that way! Declawing cats is no good, guys, no good at all. They come with some litter, a litter box, kitty food, and the silly little toys we've made for them. We have some friends who may be interested in them, but they're still figuring out if it's a good idea for them financially. If anyone on the internet is interested or knows anyone who might be, a comment or message would be greatly appreciated!


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    1. I wish we could, too, seriously they're the best. They cuddle and come up to us when they haven't seen us in a while, etc etc etc. So adorable. Unfortunately, my head tries to eject from my body whenever I'm around them too long. :'[