Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DBSB '12: MI, Day 2: Bode Museum

Hello! I bring you yet another installment of our Berlin trip! Not to worry, we can almost see the end, though it's interesting going through these pictures after so long. It feels like years ago and just yesterday at the same time, and the scandalous number of pictures I took have done a very good job of reminding me of all those little things that I'd already forgotten. Thank goodness for cameras!

I should note that Sarah & I were supposed to meet with our friend Susan, who is from Denmark and we met when she was part of an exchange program at Cypress Bay, on day one. We had technical difficulties, however, and we were only able to meet with her on day two. She joined us at our hotel very early in the morning, and we then walked to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks (oh, I can just feel you judging us) to eat breakfast.

This was my drink:

Do you know that Beirut song, In the Mausoleum, that goes, "...and Berlin is so ugly in the morning light..."? Zach Condon is such a liar.


So, the Bode Museum. I should tell you, this place was probably my favorite museum on the whole MI. Maybe it was the gorgeously bulbous dome, maybe it was the large windows that let natural light into the galleries. Or, maybe, I was just in a really good mood because, well, it was early morning and I was in Berlin with my Doll and a dear friend whom I hadn't seen in years and how can one be in anything less than a perfect mood when life is treating you so pleasantly? On with the museum.

The museum, designed by Ernst von Ihne, was completed in 1904, and was first known as the Kaiser-Frederich-Museum, after Emperor Frederick III. In 1956, however, it was re-named the Bode Museum after its first curator, Wilhelm von Bode.

Yes, this is a picture heavy post. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The first thing we saw when we began going through the collection was this room, which appeared to be undergoing restoration. There were no labels anywhere, though, and if there hadn't been two guards standing in the room, neither one of which paid us any mind, I'd have assumed we weren't supposed to be there.

Then came sculptures...

Remember these guys from Vienna?

Gorgeous, right?

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