Sunday, August 19, 2012

Closet Sale!

Hey everyone, I felt the need to post this here just in case anyone is interested.

I finally got around to starting up my ebay page for my personal closet sale. A lot of the clothes were gifts that don’t fit my style anymore or are a size or two off. All of it has either never been worn, or is only slightly worn, and gently used. 

If anybody wants to check it out, it’d be greatly appreciated, even more so if anyone has any feedback/advice/critiques since this is my first time doing this. Also, when stuff sells, I’ll replenish the shop with new items. Thanks, y’all! :]

littlemousedeer's Ebay


  1. A) I love your blog header- so fabulous


    B) love closet cleaning out. Mine is in serious need!

    1. Jessica came up with that header, isn't it just the best? I'm cleaning out my closet once again because my beau just moved in and I've got way more stuff than I thought I did... one closet cleaning was nowhere near enough, unfortunately. :[