Friday, July 6, 2012

A New Challenger Approaches...

A small aside before continuing the Museum Island recap.
Jessica, whom I lovingly call Bee, has invited me to join Rococo Babies, and after months of school, procrastination, and lots of sleep, I've finally built up the courage to contribute! Therefore, I'm going to do a small intro post about myself and then you shall be returned to your regularly programmed scheduling of Berlin posts about art and museums and generally fantastic things.

My name is Sarah, or Doll, according to Bee. I also go by LMD... so many nicknames. I am currently living in New York City and working on completing my Master's Degree in the History of Art. Hopefully, my final concentration will be on Medieval manuscripts. They're absolutely fascinating and my heart beat races any time I'm close to one.

Kate Beaton

In my free time I enjoy wandering the city, trying to learn how to cook (it's catastrophic at times, I caught something on fire just this morning!), crafting, doodling, reading, and looking at pictures of puppies. But really, who doesn't like looking at puppies? Let's look at some cuties right now.

Anyway, Bee and I have been friends for around eight years now and met back in high school where I basically had to force her to be my friend. Luckily, we bonded over our mutual love of art, animals, sweets, and being generally goofy. We became inseparable during our university years. I'm talking about the kind of inseparable in which people constantly would call one of us by the other's name. Even when the other wasn't there. I mean we're basically the same person, except completely not.

This entry has turned into a proclamation of my everlasting friendship to Bee more than anything else, but it's always odd and uncomfortable writing about oneself without it turning into a laundry list of likes and dislikes. I'm sure my preferences will show through during my time here. Enjoy!

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