Thursday, June 14, 2012

DBSB '12: Vienna > Berlin

On the (very early) morning of the 14th (it feels like years ago already!) we made the transition from Vienna to Berlin.

This is how you know you've left Vienna. You go from this ^ to this:

The flight was really short and Sarah spent the whole time taking turns between sleeping and studying. After riding a cab with Metallica blasting out of the speakers, we got to our hotel and decided to take a nap before exploring, seeing as we'd barely gotten any sleep the night before, with packing and talking to Kevin, etc., etc.

But then it was time to go out and explore.

Galeries Lafayette

We had dinner at this Italian restaurant by Checkpoint Charlie and it wasn't until after we were done eating that we were told that they didn't accept credit cards. We barely had enough cash to cover the meal, and so we were only able to leave something like twenty cents for a tip, but somehow the host wasn't upset about this at all. Probably because this wasn't his tip. Also, a lady tried to talk to us about a disco or something in German. She left without much explanation after Sarah told her we didn't really speak the language. Berlin made a great first impression.

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