Sunday, April 1, 2012

Doll & Bee Spring Break '12: Madrid > Vienna

Almost 2,500 pictures later, I'm finally ready to share the wonderful time I spent with my Doll in Vienna & Berlin. I'm also not exaggerating when I say almost 2,500, so brace yourselves!

On March 10th, I hopped on a flight from Madrid to Vienna, with a stop in Munich. I've come to realize that I hate flying. I hate other people flying. I hate how long flights are because there's just so much time to think about everything that can happen while me or someone else I care about is on a plane. But I also love flying. I love seeing the world become so little underneath me, and I love taking pictures of the things I can see outside my window, though I suspect this is a coping mechanism. Still, I always request the window seat, and the majority of my flights is spent looking outside and snapping, snapping, snapping.

The landscape was particularly glorious on the way to Munich & Vienna, and I only wish I were able to tell where one country ended and the other began.

Madrid to Munich

All those little white things are windmills. How charming is that?

Munich Airport

Munich to Vienna

Windmills again. I could see them turning from the plane!

Vienna Airport

Sarah and I literally ran and hugged when we saw each other at the airport. Being in front of one another again after so long was a little surreal, though we soon slipped back into our old her-annoying-me and me-hitting-her modes. We took the metro to the hotel, which was an interesting experience, and everyone stared at us dragging our suitcases as we changed like, what, three different trains? And then walked the same two blocks a few times before realizing we were on the wrong side of the highway. We finally made it and went straight to dinner and then bed.

Blood soup with cereal.

Next stop: MuseumsQuartier

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