Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is unbelievable to me that it is already December 31st. This year has been so full of new things and changes, and it flew by so fast! I thought I'd do a little re-cap.


January 1st was spent with my grandparents after about ten years of not spending the holidays with them. I then returned to Tallahassee with Sarah for our last semester of undergraduate education, as well as one of the hardest for me, at least academically speaking. I took 19 credit hours, which translated to seven classes, barely slept, and spent the entire semester in a constant state of shaken nerves. Looking back, however, it was well worth it, so no complaints. I spent lots of time with Emma and Freyja, David's new Norwegian Elkhound (goodness, I miss them!). There were fun times and birthday parties, and Tallahassee resembled autumn, as it usually does in January.


February, unfortunately, had no photographs, as I forgot my camera charger at home and only realized sometime at the end of January. My mother couldn't find it, either, so my camera remained dead until...


March! When, after spring break, mind you!, my mother finally found my charger and mailed it to me. It was during spring break that 1918, our Tallahassee house, was robbed, though I was fortunate enough that the thieves found my room particularly dull and took nothing. They took David's TV and PS3 as well as LJ's PS3 and computer monitor, in addition to some of her jewelry, including some that held deep sentimental value. More time was spent with the puppies as well as studying, and I snatched a gorgeous desk from David's friend's wife, as they were moving to Switzerland, as a restoration project. I was unable to keep it, however, since I had no space when I moved back home after graduation. My intention was to give it to my friend Kimber, who promised to take good care of it, but my room mate mistakenly placed it outside as trash and he watched as a couple took it away. I'm keeping my eyes open for a replica.


April, oh, April. My last month in Tallahassee. Sarah and I drove to Sarasota and met up with her cousin Vicky to go to the Ringling. That was the day I watched How to Train Your Dragon, a movie that every living being should watch at least once. I finally got a chance to watch Black Swan, and fell so in love I watched it an approximate of six times in the first few weeks. There was more time studying, as well as visiting little Scooby, who was staying at Kate's house. There was the Secret of Kells party, Kate's Potluck, the Spring Fling, LJ's going away dinner (:[), and Kevin's graduation party.

And, really, because my graduation needs to have its own set of photos.

It is so odd to think that I graduated already. It's been about eight months, and I still can't properly think about it. I miss my friends, and the wonderful weather Tallahassee had at this time of year. I miss Strozier, evenings spent studying at Black Dog, talking to the FSU bus drivers, my professors, and crazy-fast delivery by Jimmy John's. At the same time, it's okay to miss all those things. FSU was very good to me, and it gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful, kind, intelligent, good people. But I know they're all doing amazing things with their lives, and it's so great to hear from them, even though we're far apart. I can't wait to see you all and give you all the hugs I've been saving up for you this whole time<3


On the way back from graduation, my family stopped at Orlando and we had a little visit to Downtown Disney, because how could we not? I spent the next couple of weeks packing for the upcoming move and finding all those little things that manage to hide themselves under piles and piles of... well, stuff. I also created a catalogue of all the books I own, a staggering 294, which made me feel very responsible and organized. Then came Kevin's birthday, so Sarah, Vicky, and I drove up to Orlando to celebrate with him. And to go to Harry Potter World. HARRY POTTER WORLD, because Sarah is the greatest best friend ever and she takes care of me and tries to make me happy in any way she can. And she succeeds more often than she knows<3 HPW was even more magical than I'd dared to hope, and the butterbeer more delicious than anything I'd ever had in my entire existence. I'm so grateful to my doll for making sure I had an additional lovely memory to take with me across the ocean<333


June was particularly interesting because everything was so new. I spent the first few weeks in Tenerife with my grandparents exploring and sightseeing. Living in Florida, the beach is never far away, but it's completely different when you can see the ocean from your window every morning. There are also mountains, large and imposing, and covered with pine trees. And then, uh, my camera died. Well, not my camera exactly. It was the battery, though I didn't know that until much later, and feared my camera was lost forever.


July was filled with more sightseeing, firework shows, and a new camera (little Albus, who now belongs to my mother). We visited San Cristobal de La Laguna, which was the original capital of Tenerife and is full of "the old stuff" I love, as my grandmother says. It was also then that I realized how obsessed with Hello Kitty Tenerife was, though I must admit that, either I became desensitized to it, or I was making it all up. Hello Kitty seems to have faded into the background - for now.


We visited Puerto de la Cruz, saw El Teide (the volcano at the center of the island) from far away, and saw more churches. Though the weather was never quite as heavy as Florida's, this was probably the hottest month, and so, if you're like me, the most torturous. Hopefully next summer will be spent in cooler climes.


September was full of birthdays!
My grandmother on the 2nd, my mum and Daniel (my little brother) on the 12th, my uncle on the 18th (though, seeing as my uncle, aunt, and cousins all moved to the next island over a few months ago, we didn't get to see him), and David (my little, little brother) on the 30th. My mum also found a place that carried the generic brand of my camera's battery, and so my little Aurora came back to life!


October was filled with more family + food sort of adventures, as well as my grandfather's birthday. I also received the coolest letter from Anissa. I'm pretty sure I squealed when I first opened it, and simply ran over to my brother while flailing my arms in excitement. Fellow Whovians, I'm sure you can see why. October brought, of course, Halloween, for which I dressed as Amy Pond. I made my brothers watch Beetlejuice and too many Doctor Who episodes while we ate the candy from my little Halloween kit. We also had some surprise trick-or-treat'ers, though, unfortunately, as we hadn't expected people to celebrate Halloween here, we were thoroughly unprepared, and so simply pretended not to be home. Next year, though, next year!


November saw the first signs of Christmas decorations just about everywhere, along with my mounting excitement for the holiday. I really cannot help it, Christmas is my favorite time of year - I love the colors, the glitter and sparkle, the music, etc. I received nifty Halloween correspondence from Sarah, which kept me entertained for a good few hours. Don't ever underestimate the amount of diversion I can derive from finger puppets. It was also my daddy's birthday! Alas, he was still in Florida, which kept us from celebrating together. Instead, we printed signs with birthday wishes and then decorated them as gaudily as we could with internet drawings of cakes, balloons, and confetti. The sign Lady's holding translates to, "Hurry up because you owe me many cookies (i.e. treats)!" I included a picture of my grandfather's wine, because I will never forget his awful ritual of "wine + egg yolk = let's drink this because it's delicious" madness.


December brought more Christmas decorations, this time without shame, and more exploratory adventures. I chopped off my hair on a whim right before my dad finally made it across the sea the day before my birthday. Received the most amazing birthday gift from my doll (only her own presence could have topped it off), and went out to dinner with my family to celebrate all the birthdays we spent apart. I broke all the museum rules and sneaked in photographs of my favorite things, and finally made it to the other side of Tenerife for a quick visit.

Right now, I'm sitting in my grandparents' bed waiting for the clock to strike twelve. I can hear my family talking outside in the kitchen, the topics of choice being the space race between Russia and the US and the various shopping malls my mum plans on seeing once we're in Madrid, while my grandfather naps on the sofa. People have been throwing firecrackers for hours now, and I can't quite believe the year is truly about to end. I intend on doing this project this coming year, which will hopefully help me record my new experiences in a more thorough way. While I realize I had a fair amount of pictures this year to remember most of what happened, I really wish I'd had more. So I intend to take as many pictures as humanly possible, and perhaps even begin journaling again, as well as, of course, keeping up with this little blog. I'm also thinking of setting up a series of little goals to accomplish throughout the year, but I'll post about those as I figure them out - the list is slightly jumbled and convoluted at the moment.

I hope you all have a wonderful night, wherever you are, and that the new year brings many wonderful things your way<33


  1. Your year looked busy but wonderful! <3 Here's to another amazing year, eh!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. Indeed! Thank you<3 I hope the new year brings spectacular things your way :]

  3. Sending you all my love, bee! <3333 I loved reading about your year. (Also, when did you take that picture of me cowering near the wall?? hahaha)

    1. <33333 Of course you did, you were such a large part of it, haha<3 (You doing something like that is such a common occurrence that... do you really have to ask?)