Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun and Fancy Free

I will admit it - I'm a sucker for old Disney movies. While Tiana is my favorite Disney princess, Sleeping Beauty will always be my favorite Disney movie, with Fantasia as a close second. When I was little, I could have sworn Dumbo and Bambi had just come out, even though I couldn't have been more wrong (they came out in 1941 and 1942, respectively), so when I watch the old old Disney movies, the ones that were still hand-drawn and where the music is just a tad bit annoying (Snow White, I'm looking at you), I feel like I'm returning to my childhood. Lately, I've been trying to watch all Disney movies ever made (an impossible feat), and I ended up watching Fun and Fancy Free last night. It seemed oddly familiar, so I must have watched it at some point, though only vaguely, which means I only watched it once.

The first half tells the story of Bongo, a circus bear who escapes a moving train in order to be free and live in the wilderness.

This is probably the image that made me laugh the most in this entire movie. HE IS SO ANGRY AT HOW DELICIOUS THAT LEAF IS.

The second half is basically Mickey and the Beanstalk.

How adorable are theyyy?

I want to make this very clear: I absolutely adore how absolutely insane Donald looks in these two scenes. Is that wrong?

I loved how, after the giant falls off the beanstalk, the narrator tells you that the giant was just a figment of your imagination. "Hey, kids, giganticide is not okay, not even when Mickey does it to save himself, his friends, and a harplady." I mean, it makes perfect sense.

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