Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas excitement

I know it's only the 7th of November, but if there's something my mother and I have in common, it's our excitement over everything Christmas-related, even ages before December. So, when we heard that El Corte Ingl├ęs, this gigantic Spanish line of department stores, had already set up their Christmas things and decorated, we headed over as quickly as we could. And I'm so glad we did.

Warning: So, so many pictures.


  1. Hahaha, I love how different we are in respect to holiday preferences, knowing you guys, you've already started putting some xmas stuff out, haha. But OH MY GOSH, those lanterns are soooo prettyyyyyyy. *u*

  2. We haven't, actually! But that's only because we brought no Christmas decorations with us, and we're still waiting to purchase things. But you'll probably get pictures of the decorations in our apartment very soon...